Tuesday, March 31

Don't let your nose get permanently damaged!

Professor Dr. Sefa Dereköy warned against the use of unconscious nose drops, which increase in cold weather. Professor Dr. Dereköy explained that many drops are applied against nasal congestion: "In this context, those who have a vaso-astringent effect, especially salt and sea water, and steroid sprays that are used against allergies. Trying to use medicines that are used on written on the advice or to our loved ones can be harmful because the tissue in the nose has its own properties, acid level and balance. "


With the statement that any medication application to which the body is exposed can upset the current balance. Dr. Dereköy continued: "Nose drops can also upset the balance of the nose. Our children are a more sensitive group in this regard. The nose drops and sprays that we use in our babies and children must be approved with expert advice. This medication can be disrupted Tissues cannot respond to these drugs and swell and become larger than usual. In this case, permanent nasal congestion can occur. Only the doctor can decide which nasal drops to use, when and what dose to use. Serum physiological, For example, sea water drops should not be part of life. Taking astringent medication for more than 3 to 5 days can cause permanent tissue damage. "

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