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Pay attention to the disease "Search for diseases from the Internet"

Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist Yrd.Doç.Dr. Rıdvan Üney said: “Today we all use the Internet for information. On the Internet and on related websites we often find the right information on topics such as address search, recipe and history. If we are not satisfied, we look at other pages on the Internet. In most cases, your own life is not directly affected. It can get even easier. Health is the most important area of ​​our life. Today life expectancy in the world is 79, has almost 76 in Turkey. People lived about 22 years ago less than 70 years ago. The main reasons for this are people's health, exercising, developing medical techniques and medication. Our main task was of course to take care of our health. Nowadays we can all access many health related websites on the internet. The most popular health sites are; Websites that provide health information are nutrition websites that relate to human psychology. If we mostly see a symptom in our body, we first look on the Internet. We are interested in what this symptom is, what disease announces, how it affects human life, whether it causes death. Some call it a Google doctor. "

Expressly that he was concerned about his health, this was referred to as health anxiety. Üney said: “This fear ranges from simple curiosity to illness. As fear of health increases, the search for diseases on the Internet increases. Now, in the slightest symptom, the person spends a lot of time on the Internet. This situation is called "Disease Search Disease on the Internet" or "Siberkondriya", he said.

Dr. Üney gave the following information about the harm of illness-seeking illness on the Internet:

"1. The person can find dozens of diseases as the cause of the slightest symptom.

2. While doing this as relaxation behavior, it comes across a lot of negative information.

3. As he reads the illnesses found, his fear increases.

4. Often the conclusion he draws from his symptoms is far more than he is.

5. The fear of a simple symptom can be fatal.

6. Due to the information pollution on the Internet, he receives treatment information from websites that have no scientific basis for dealing with his illness.

7. You are giving too much vitamins or herbal medicines.

8. You shop on fully commercial websites that are not closely related to health. They endanger their own health.

9. You can be deceived by advertising like treatment, losing 10 pounds in 5 days, a definitive solution to headaches.

10. By reading some medical articles; They are increasingly concerned with Latin, complex and incomprehensible information.

11. You are exposed to serious information from forum sites where some people share their bad experiences with the disease. Regarding the symptoms of the disease; not necessarily a knowledge aranacaksa, Psychiatric Association of Turkey, Turkey Society of Cardiology, Dermatology, Association is the right behavior to get information from many associations like the web site. More importantly, a visit to the doctor is the best way to get information, to be very realistic and straightforward and to avoid feelings of fear. "

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