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Other Names :
Turkish Thistle]
meryemana thorni (Turkish)]
Milk Thistle (English)]

Latin name: Silybum marianum
Family: Compositae

General Information
This plant is a 1-2 year old herbaceous plant with a height of 30-100 cm, curve stem, sparsely hairy. The leaves are pale Yesil-colored, veined white, the edges deeply toothed and spiny. It has purple and rarely white flowers. It grows widely in the Mediterranean v eKaradeniz region. It can be seen in empty plots with Yo and field margins.

Medical Use
The above-ground part of the plant is effective as a urine booster, fever reducer, reduces rheumatism pain, sedative and appetizing. 5% infusion is used by drinking 1 Cup before meals.
The fruits of the plant are sold in transfers called thistle seeds. It is used against liver disease and as a bile enhancer by mixing powder with honey. 5% decoction from fruits is used for the same purpose.
The substance silymarin is used as a drug against alcohol-related liver diseases.
The trunk of the plant is eaten fresh after the bark has been peeled.
It helps the liver to break down and get rid of toxic substances. It protects the liver cells from the harmful effects of alcohol,drugs, and chemicals. It has been found that the chemical called silymarin is very effective in chronic liver diseases such as inflammation of the bile ducts, cirrhosis and chronic liver diseases due to excessive alcohol and certain medications, including chronic phepatite (inflammation of the liver).
It supports the function of the liver and helps in the formation of new liver cells and increases the function of the liver. The liver produces the bile needed to break down fats. Thistle seed provides an increase in bile. It contributes to the better functioning of the kidneys and positively contributes to the elimination of problems in the urinary tract. It is effective in cirrhosis, which develops due to excessive alcohol consumption. It is also important for people who smoke excessively. It is also useful for people who work with substances that cause environmental toxicity in their workplaces. It neutralizes the damage of substances such as nicotine, alcohol, carbon monoxide. It is a good blood purifier and liver tonic.
Silimarine increases the ratio of the glutant, a powerful antioxidant responsible for the leaching and purification of liver hormones, drugs and chemicals, by over 35%. Thistle seed is also useful in people with poor liver function, such as those with problems such as psoriasis and chronic fungal infection.
It is also said to be good for fatigue.

Side effects:

Every known side effect.

Medical Look Style:

Antioxidant: Silymarin and Silbyin content shows anti-oxidant properties with spleen. Peroxidation of fat in the liver.
Skin: prevents lipoxygenaceenzym, which catalyzes the production of excessive inflammatory substances called 4leukotriene with the effect of Silymarin. Thus, the overproduction of 4 leukotrienes is restricted, so that also the psoriasis caused by them is slowed down. In the same way, by improving liver function, it facilitates the removal of polysaccharides, a type of internal toxic substances in the body that are related to psoriasis. GMP and Ampchemicals, which are also high in psoriasis patients, have been found to lower their rates. Thistle juice is applied to the warts and covered with a plastic bandage and when the treatment is applied, they become warts. However, the treatment should be persistent, can last up to 3 months.

Defecation system: because it contains silymarin, it stimulates the renationalization of the kidneys and protects them from the toxic effects of toxic substances.
Cells: increases the strength of cell membranes and stabilizes them.
The immune system: it helps to prevent breast cancer due to its silymarin content.
It can cause inflammation due to silymarin if taken orally or exhaled superficially.
It has anti-inflammatory effect by preventing mast cells from releasing histamine.
It is useful to prevent ovarian cancer.
Because of Silymarin, it is useful in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.
It is useful to prevent squamous cell carcinoma, which is a type of skin cancer when applied superficially.
Cardiovascular system: protects red blood cell membranes against age peroxidation.
Metabolism: milk Thistle cholestasis relieves the rate. Silymarin is a liver protector. It improves the antioxidant capacity of the liver and increases the activity of liver enzymes.

Total cholesterol decreases due to silymarin content. While HDL cholesterol is increased, LDL cholesterol levels are reduced by accelerating the removal of LDL cholesterol from the liver and inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol due to its antioxidant properties.
In patients with Diabetes mellitus Thistle reduces blood sugar, insulin levels, the glycosuria levels, and the glykosierten hemoglobin level.
Since it contains Silymarin, it promotes the regeneration of the liver and protects it from the toxic effects of toxic substances. The camel spur protects the liver from the toxic effects of Amanita phalloides, a highly toxic Nantar species. It stabilizes the integration of hepatocellular membranes. Protects the liver from the harmful effects of carbon tetrachloride and alcohol.
420 milligrams of silymarin per day prevents and treats cirrhosis.
Thistle is the leading of plants that are active in liver lubrication.
In both acute and chronic hepatitis diseases, 420 mgr per day for 6 months yielded very good results and liver function was effectively improved. Significant improvements were observed in patients with hepatitis C when they received selenium and lipoic acid along with 380 mg of silymarin per day.
It accelerates the recovery of jaundice.
It protects the liver from the possible poisoning effects of paracetamol by reducing gluten, which can occur with excessive intake of paracetamol due to the silybin in its contents.
Silymarin promotes the regeneration of liver tissue by increasing the synthesis of hepatocellular proteins.
Digestive system: promotes bile secretion.
It reduces cholesterol by-products in the bile without affecting the cholesterol synthesis in the liver due to the content of silymarin, which is chemically aflavonoid,. This helps to prevent and prevent gallstones.


Activated: increases the activity of the superoxide dismutase enzyme due to its Silymarine content.
In enzymes: inhibits beta-glucuronidase, a precursor carcinogenic enzyme.
HMG-CoA lowers bile cholesterol by reducing cholesterol synthesis in the liver by inhibiting the activity of reductase. It is caused by the silymarin of the pepoxygenase enzyme.
In oils: lipopolysaccharides, an endotoxin, are excreted from the body with the help of the liver.
With the effect of Silymarin 4 inhibits the production of lipoxygenase enzyme, which catalyzes the production of excessive inflammatory substances called leukotrienes.
Drugs: an anti-cancer drug, cisplatin, prevents damage to the kidneys. Protects the liver from the toxic effects of paracetamol. It counteracts the toxicity of alcohol in the liver.
Toxins: protects the liver from the toxic effects of phalloidin, a potential liver toxin in the fungus Amanita phalloides. It also protects the liver from the toxic effects of carbon tetrachloride.

Synopsis: the most important active ingredient is silymarin, a polyphenol chemical, and a flavonolignan as a plant chemistry. Approximately 2.5% of the plant consists of this silymarin group. These are Isosilybin, Dehydrosilybin, Silybin, Silychristine and Silydianine.

Collection: from mid-August, flowers are collected. If the flowers remain on the plant without collecting for long, the seeds are shed spontaneously when they are thoroughly dried. A clean, wooden base Seril flowers dry thoroughly, the seeds are separated by mixing, then lightly washed.
Storage: dry seeds are stored in containers with closed mouth.
Used parts: usually seeds, leaves as little as
Type of use: only used internally
Form of preparation: tea is used as powder and tincture.
Tea: 1 teaspoon of seeds cooked in 250 ml of boiling water, 20 min. Expected filtered.
Dust: thoroughly dried seeds are ground into powder.
Tincture: it is produced by mixing equal sizes of alcohol, water, seeds.

It lowers the fever. It sweats and gives comfort to the body.

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