Monday, March 30

Trowel paa corona virs

Professor who came to Kahramanmara in Paas. Dr. Canan Karatay examined the Mara-Paa orbit made by the masters in a lot. Karatay said that Paa-Orbas made from foot and head is beneficial for human salna. Karatay explained that Mara Paasn has an effective antitoxin trait in bowel, heart and muscle diseases and that Paann also prevents coronaviruses. Karatay said, “Kelle and Foot Paa are sperfood. It is so cum that it removes lean, leg and waist from lean people like us. Diseases, corona viruses and other viruses. If your body's gum system is strong, you won't notice any disease. For him, don't miss eating in the morning, sir. Collagen is fine, glucose amine is fine and microbes are ld. If you don't get sick, you have no heart disease, no flu, and no Alzheimer's disease. Your children will not get angry because they regulate the intestinal flora.

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